About the company

- Areas we cover

We cover all of the Medway areas, Maidstone, Leybourne, Gravesend and Dartford. The area we cover is about a 20 mile radius. The list above is by no means exhaustive!

- Cleaning methods

Our cleaning methods incorporate using a water fed pole system and as a result we achieve first class results. This system uses de-ionised water, which will clean your windows to a very high standard. Also, at the same time we will wipe down and clean your frames.

Should you require your windows cleaned by the traditional method, we can accommodate this at your request.

- How the system works

The first stage of the system is the purification process. Our water is passed through a rigorous softening, filtering and deionization process that removes 99.9% of impurities from the water.

When we visit your home or business we will carry purified water with us. Extendable poles allow us to reach even to third floor of your property without requiring the use of unstable and unsafe ladders.

Each pole has a soft brush attached to the end and the purified water is pumped up the pole and through the bristles of the brush. The soft bristles gently but effectively loosen any dirt from your windows, which is then literally absorbed by the purified water.

Finally, we thoroughly rinse your windows so that all dirt is washed away and all that is left on your window is pure water. This is then allowed to evaporate away leaving your windows perfectly clear.

- Guarantee

Please be assured that you as the customer comes first and we will do our very best to fix any issues. Therefore we guarantee our work and will be happy to return should you feel this necessary.

- Please contact us here and we’ll be happy to give you more information. It is a free service and we are happy to visit you and give you a quote.

DNA Mr Squeegee

DNA Mr Squeegee

DNA Mr Squeegee